Politweets – When Twitter Gets Political

PolitweetsPolitweets keeps track of all the latest political discussion going on with Twitter, a popular social networking and micro-blogging site. There are two columns, one for comments about Democratic candidates and one for Republican candidates.

In the middle is a section that has each candidate stacked from top to bottom according to which presidential hopeful is generating the most discussion. It’s constantly being updated so you can count on seeing all the latest opinions concerning the heated 2008 presidential election.

Politweets In Their Own Words

Politweets rose up from all the great publicity twittertale got (and is still getting). We knew we had to take the same technology and use it for something a little more practical. Dan Croak of thoughtbot reached out with an idea to track the presidential election. This was one of the many ideas we had come up with but now that people were asking for it, we put it on top of the priority list. There was a definite need and I wanted to be the one to help provide that solution to the twitter users. Dan also offered his rail’s expertise to help us get it out the door quickly (in time for the New hampshire primary). In three short days we came up with the concept, designed and delivered a product that we are all very proud of.

Why Politweets It Might Be A Killer

On a single page you can see what kind of buzz Democratic and Republican candidates are generating and what people have to say about the most current campaign happenings. You can instantly find out who’s hot and who’s not when it comes to the presidential election.

Some Questions About Politweets

It’s very basic and you have to go through Twitter in order to contribute any kind of political discussion. Because of that, only a very small fraction of the voting population is represented by Politweets. Politweets