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PolicyMap.comPolicyMap is a tool which allows users to explore geographic information, visually via maps, charts and tables. It collects real estate, along with financial and demographic information into a mapping engine which can process results to give users a rich visual map interlaid with data.


Users have access to over 4,000 indicators, including educational information, crime stats, and mortgage data, etc. Searches can be performed by census tract, county, school districts, and address among other factors. PolicyMap allows civic organizations, planning commissions, government organizations and the like to visualize how they can make an impact and target certain communities. It gives investors a snapshot of social trends and potential community impact of developments. PolicyMap is free for accessing public data. Access to other data sets requires a paid subscription of $200 a month. In Their Own Words

“PolicyMap is an innovative geographic information system which allows you to easily create custom maps, tables, and charts.

Provides over 4,000 indicators plus the ability to plot your own data with our mapping services.

Backed by the resources, expertise and integrity of The Reinvestment Fund.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PolicyMap allows organizations and individuals to access thousands of variables on a mapped interface. It relays, visually, important information about communities, investment impacts, demographics, etc. It’s extremely useful for analyzing market trends, tracking investments and researching policy implementations.

Some Questions About

PolicyMap isn’t as extensive as it could be. Certain views and data sets aren’t available. Users may have trouble navigating through information.

Author : Siri Marshall

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