Polaroid.cuteness.ws – Retro-size Your Photos

Polaroid.cuteness.wsIf you’re a fan of those grainy, yellowish retro Polaroid shots, you’ll be happy to know that now there’s a little web app that lets you covert your photos online into those ’70s-style snapshots. This service is known as “The Polaroid-o-nizer”, a web application from Cuteness.

ws. To retro-out one of your photos, first choose a color using the color gradient. Then, cut and paste the URL of the desired photo. If you want, you also have the option of entering in x and y coordinates to shift your image to the left or the right, rotating it and you can also add in a caption if you choose.

Polaroid.cuteness.ws In Their Own Words

“Ever want to go a bit retro with your pictures and go back to the days of the Polaroid? Here is your chance with any digital photograph. Like this tool? Share it with others!”

Why Polaroid.cuteness.ws It Might Be A Killer

This is a fun tool for anyone that wants to spice up their otherwise banal online photos in a retro way. The Polaroid-o-nizer offers several cool personalization options to achieve that perfect, kooky retro shot.

Some Questions About Polaroid.cuteness.ws

I tried out The Polaroid-o-nizer, and I couldn’t get the color feature too work; it kept giving me an invalid value. It’s frustrating that you must enter the color code in manually, and perhaps this is why it continually prompts an “Invalid” response; is there some way that you can select a color on the gradient and the code will be entered in for you automatically? Unfortunately, after repeated tries, I couldn’t get past this step. Polaroid.cuteness.ws