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PokerRPG.comOnline Poker is a huge business today as the game of Poker has become massively popular over the last couple of years. The folks at PokerRPG offer an online site where you can play poker and trade your chips in for prizes like iPods or Xboxes.


Up until now, this sounds like any of the traditional Poker sites available right? Well, this is no ordinary Poker site because PokerRPG, is also a role playing game. Create your own character, build your character a house and improve your character by playing poker. Think traditional Poker with a touch of the Sims and Dungeons and Dragons. No downloads are required to sign up and play, making this a more attractive option for all Poker playing and role playing needs. In Their Own Words

PokerRPG is an alternate online world filled with not only poker fans, but RPG fans as well. In the new Web 2.0 environment, different websites get mashed together, so we decided that gaming should be no different. As the name of the game suggests, we took the wildly popular online poker and did something that had never been done before, we merged the poker genre with the role playing game, changing the face of online gaming forever.

Why It Might Be A Killer

You’ve got to give it to them, this is a truly original concept without any direct competition. Poker is popular, and so are role-playing games so this might just be a big hit.

Some Questions About

I like burgers and waffles although I wouldn’t eat them at the same time. Will enough people like the blend of Poker and role-playing? They might because Poker has become a huge hit and people are becoming interested at a younger age. This could be a hit with the 15-25 year-old demographic.

Author : Caroline Bright

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