Poifriend.com – A Point of Interest Community

Poifriend.comPoifriend is an online community that allows you to share your points of interest (POI’s) with the people that you choose. Pronounced like “boyfriend”, Poifriend hopes to capitalize on the increasingly common use of GPS devices by serving as the key portal where people go to share this information.

Users can easily choose whether to share POI’s with the whole community, their friends, or specific friends and they can make comments on other people’s favorite POI’s. The potential uses for this site are numerous and include being able to find GPS coordinates for just about anywhere and downloading them to a GPS device for receiving detailed description along the way. There are already a significant number of POI’s to search through or you can upload your own POI’s and share them with the community.

Poifriend.com In Their Own Words

“POIfriend is the point of interest community that connects people and the places important to them. POIfriend is a powerful, fun and easy-to-use website that lets you find, create, comment, rate, share, and use POI (Point of Interest) information with GPS or maps. It is 100% FREE for users and detailed personal information is not mandatory.”

Why Poifriend.com It Might Be A Killer

GPS devices like the Garmin have become popular devices that people use to find their way. A community that allows people to share GPS locations with others is a great idea and this site should become a key social waypoint community.

Some Questions About Poifriend.com

They seem to have thought about everything and it will be interesting to see how they monetize this well thought out sight. Will they target advertising based on people’s POI’s or will they opt for premium pay services? Poifriend.com