Podtrac.com – Advertising Solutions for Podcasters

Podtrac.comPodtrac offers podcasters a way to get paid for their podcasts via advertising. It appears that they specialize in targeted, that is, highly targeted ad insertion/product placements.

For podcasters they offer a whole outfit of free and seemingly useful tools. First, they offer to assess your audience via a web based survery. Next, they’ve got free podcast measurement tools which is meant to get your podcast noticed by advertisers and sponsors. Finally, they offer revenue maximization while protecting your audience’s listening experience. Advertisers, on the other hand, in using Podtrac, are handed premium branding opportunities. Podtrac, as you recall lends podcasters demographic analysis tools which make them more marketable to advertisers. Each podcast gets profiled and measured, so that advertisers can easily find their target audience.

Podtrac.com In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Podtrac, the service that expertly connects podcasters and podcast listeners and viewers with advertisers. We specialize in highly targeted podcast advertising, by precisely matching audience demographics and interests with the appropriate advertising for those listeners and viewers.

We also perform valuable third party measurement services of podcast circulation, providing these services free to any podcast. Podtrac enables podcast advertising and measurement by expertly giving podcasters and advertisers all the essentials they need.”

Why Podtrac.com It Might Be A Killer

Podtrac offers podcasters a viable and apparently non intrusive way to both make money and get more listeners. Their content will be more visible and more marketable.

Some Questions About Podtrac.com

Podtrac’s approach to the matter isn’t too enlightening. Their site doesn’t shy away from corporate jargon at all so you’re left wondering just exactly how they plan to implement their services. Will ads be directly inserted into podcasts? If so do podcasters have control over when and where? What percentage of ad revenues do they get? Podtrac.com