Podomatic.com – Create, Find & Share Podcasts

Podomatic.comPodcasts are quickly becoming popular amongst mp3 users, and creating them may be fun to do, but it is not always easy. What if there was a site which helped users do this? Well, there is.

Podomatic is a free site which offers users the chance to use their tools, and to find podcasts which are uploaded by other users. The site offers a wide variety of podcasts, all arranged into various categories, such as business, comedy, education, health, music, sports, and many more, but, if this division by categories doesn’t fulfill your search needs, the site also offers an internal search engine for you to look for precisely what you want. The site also has a sort of social networking aspect, in which you can look for users and communicate with them, either searching them by location, or by what they listen to. If the free membership doesn’t quite cut it for you, you also have the option of obtaining a Pro membership, which offers other features, such as more storage capacity, more bandwidth, advanced statistics, professional design tools, but a fee is required.

Podomatic.com In Their Own Words

¨PodOmatic specializes in the creation of sophisticated tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to both audio and video podcasts. The premiere destination for veteran and novice podcast creators and consumers, PodOmatic is the largest and most widely used service for creating and hosting podcasts. Roughly 4.8 million people downloaded a podcast in 2005 – compared to just over 800,000 the previous year. Despite this incredible growth, many would-be-podcasters face an array of technical challenges or must purchase complicated audio equipment or recording software before getting started. To expedite podcasting’s transition from fad to mainstream, our goal is to drop these barriers of entry for people interested in producing podcasts.¨

Why Podomatic.com It Might Be A Killer

People are starting to download and create podcasts more and more each day, so the potential audience for this site may be humongous. The custom membership allows you to either upload or download podcasts absolutely for free, with the option of many more features if you decide to pay a fee. The site offers also a social networking kind of feature which might prove to be useful for those who still don’t know what podcasting really is.

Some Questions About Podomatic.com

Why will users choose Podomatic over the competition? Aren’t users going to use just the custom membership, setting aside the Pro, leaving the site with a great absence of income? Although the site is easy to browse through and attractive, isn’t it quite monotonous? Podomatic.com