Podchains.net – Bookmark All your Media

Podchains.netPodchains is a web-based app that allows users to bookmark “already-online” media of any kind and then construct an RSS feed around the bookmarked items, to which any number of persons can subscribe to with iTunes or any other Podcatcher. The main listed applications are just for fun, that is: to share the stuff you enjoy with the people around you.

Another cool market niche is for those people who manage podcasts and publish them on a regular basis, so all they have to do is upload/bookmark the stuff, and the site will do all the letting know by itself. However, what I reckon is the most profitable area is for work teams that organize their task on an alert basis, that is: a group of people that needs to know when something is published and available, and have it hosted in a dependable server that don’t crashes regularly, like radio correspondents or music performers who play on a band.

Podchains.net In Their Own Words

“Podchains makes it easy to store and organise online media such as podcasts and video. Simply sign up for your account and enjoy using Podchains to manage your own Podcast. By adding details about specific files, or using our own “Bookmarklet”, you can quickly save as many files as you like from around the web to your Podchain which you and your friends can then download through iTunes or any other Podcatcher.”

Why Podchains.net It Might Be A Killer

A system like this one is so cool because it allows users to have instant access to multimedia files from a remote location at the precise time they are being published, and although it might not be overly exciting news for everyone, the people that work in multi-location teams will surely be glad to hear about this app.

Some Questions About Podchains.net

The social/fun side to Podchains can be a bit too much, because after all, maybe users don’t want to get RSS feeds each time the guy at the accounting office finds one of America’s Best Bloopers on YouTube. Probably the people at Podchains.com should consider making the RSS feeds optional… Podchains.net