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Pobb.netA visit to this online resource is certainly a good idea if you are looking for a way of having a web experience as personalized as it can get. In general terms, Pobb (a free service that is out in beta) will allow you to create an eHome of your own – that is, a web-based location where all your favorite links are aggregated for easy reference and immediate access.


This virtual home, then, makes it possible for you to carry out your favorite or most frequent tasks from a centralized location. That is, you can read your e-mails using a webmail application, do some shopping at eBay, and also carry out Google searches right away. You can also access the sites you like best in a dynamic way via the provided navigation menu

As it is pointed out online, Pobb does not want the filter the web for you, nor does it attempt to provide you with alternatives and suggestions about which sites could appeal to you based on what you like. Rather, it provides you with the resources to filter the Web yourself, and make every site and tool that you use when browsing stand more proximate. If that sounds good to you, you can create your own account and see how it fares in person. In Their Own Words

“The purpose of Pobb is simple. To give users a personal, virtual home from which to browse the Internet. Or as we like to call it – an eHome! Pobb is all about browsing. It’s not about bringing everything on the web for you to see all at once. It IS about allowing you to make your browsers homepage have the places, information and tools on the internet that you enjoy be more readily available.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking into alternative ways of self-organizing their digital destinations and tools will find such an approach compelling to say the least.

Some Questions About

What aspects should be improved as soon as possible?

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