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PlusRoulette.comWith the popularity that hangouts are proving to have, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a service like this one. PlusRoulette enables Google Plus users to join hangouts that others have created, without really knowing who the people taking part of these are. Just as its name suggests, this service is to hangouts what ChatRoulette is to chat rooms. Users can meet people at random through it.

Bear in mind, though, that not any kind of hangout can be joined this randomly. The only way for a hangout to be made joinable through PlusRouelette is by having its URL listed on the site. That is something that its creator must do. Only then will people be able to join it.

And a system like PlusRoulette has one distinctive advantage over the one that directly inspired it. Since the user’s name is attached to the hangout that he is making public through the site, the presence of inappropriate content (the one thing that made and then broke ChatRoulette) is reduced as much as it could be. In Their Own Words

Instantly join G+ hangouts.

Some Questions About

Will this have an impact as significant as the one that ChatRoulette had in its day? Or is the lack of risky content preventing it from hitting such heights?