– Upload and Store Plurk Photos

Plurkpix.comUsers of the microblogging service Plurk now have a way to upload and store photos to their Plurk accounts. Plurkpix (unaffiliated with Plurk), is a simple web application which allows registered Plurk users to share and store photos (provided they are less than 4MB in size) in .

JPEG, .PNG, AND .GIF formats. To use Plurkpix, simply select a photo from your desktop and upload it using Plurkpix’s service. The idea is, once your photo has been uploaded, you will be able to access it infinitely and use it in any of your Plurk posts via the link that Plurkpix provides once the upload has finished. Additionally, Plurkpix provides a thumbnail preview of your photo so that you can verify that you have uploaded the correct one.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Plurkpix is simple and easy to use, and for the time being, is apparently one of the only such applications for Plurk users. Depending on how long it takes for other developers to jump on the bandwagon, Plurkpix could enjoy a monopoly of this niche of web applications for some time.

Some Questions About

Plurkpix takes a relatively long time to upload photos, and if you’re planning on uploading more than a few, it can be borderline tedious. Does Plurkpix plan on coming out with a multiple photo uploading tool?