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Plurkmania.comIf you’re a fan of Plurk, then you’ll enjoy Plurkmania. Plurkmania is the Twitterholic for Plurk users, offering up tons of statistics on the people participating on the site.


Stats are delivered based on the top plurkers according to categories, filtering users based on their country, or just focused on the general population and how common each statistic is. View the top plurkers based on their karma, location, friends, fans, friends and fans, plurks, responses, plurks and responses, or how many people they’ve recruited. You can also check out basics like how many plurkers are male or female, fit into each age group, are identified by each creature, are in various types of relationships, are using specific Plurk themes, and what the collective averages are of each statistic. If you want to see what your data is, you can enter your username to churn out your results. Plurkmania gives you the amount of stats you need several different Twitter apps to discover all in one place. In Their Own Words

“This website is not related with but tries to monitor the activity that is going on there.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webaholics make up the userbase on Plurk, and webaholics generally enjoy viewing statistics on what they’re doing and how they compare to the rest of the community, so this will be a popular monitoring device for them. There are tons of options and it’s easy to sort through them all.

Some Questions About

What is their business model for this site and how are they hoping to create a profit? What other statistics will they be adding on as time goes on and more people start to plurk?

Author : Charly Zaks

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