Plug&Paid – Does Selling Online Get Any Easier?

Remember when setting up shop used to entail finding the right space, paying to occupy that space, organizing merchandise displays, and having someone on hand to sell things and accept payment?


Sure, we still need our brick-and-mortar stores for some things, but you have to love the low barriers to entry when it comes to selling online. Consider just how fast and easy Plug&Paid makes life for online sellers.


Plug&Paid is a cloud-hosted checkout cart station that lets you easily turn any website into a shop. Three simple steps, and you’re in business.




First you set up a customizable button, link, or widget – what the startup calls a ‘plug.’ This could be as simple as a ‘Buy now’ button. Then you add the product you wish to sell and your preferred payment service provider. Lastly, you install the small HTML snippet that Plug&Paid generates for you, anywhere that you like on your website.


Yes, you can design your plug to reflect your branding, the aesthetics of your website. Yes, Plug&Paid supports using multiple payment services such as PayPal, Stripe and Bitpay. But that’s about as complex as the service gets.


Plug&Paid is designed to be “the fastest way to start selling online.”



Links allow people to reach buyers effectively on mobile devices and through social media, as Plug&Paid can be used to send followers on Facebook and Instagram straight to your shopping cart.


Plug&Paid even provides analytics that help you to keep track of where things are selling and how much you’re selling of any particular item. All in all, the service is extremely light on the setup and maintenance, and heavily focused on expediting sales.


For those looking to get started selling, there’s some more good news. Since you haven’t earned revenue yet, you’re likely on a tight budget, and Plug&Paid is free to try. You can create one plug for one product (using a single payment cart) free of charge. Even if you have lots of goods to sell, Plug&Paid keeps its pricing affordable. For just $4.79 per month, you can create an unlimited number of plugs and accept payment using multiple services.


Ready to supercharge your sales, and collect payment from anywhere in the world, without putting forth hardly any effort on your part? Learn more about Plug&Paid and how it can turn you into an efficient selling machine by visiting the website


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