– Insert Ads Into Your Videos, Make Cash

PlugAdPlay.comPlugAdPlay is a video advertising site which gives any video producer the chance to earn money with video clips. Users can ad PlugAdPlay adverts to the beginning and end of their videos, or they can opt for a streaming banner.

There are three different ways to actually earn money once the PlugAdPlay ads have been appended. First, you’ve got to upload your video on any site like Youtube, or Google Video; you’ll automatically earn up to a dollar for each video uploaded. Plug will pay you an extra bonus for each person watching your video wherever you’ve uploaded it. If your video becomes the most viewed on any video sharing site, you’ll reap in an extra extra bonus. PluAdPlay also pays for clicks and impressions generated by your video. Additionally, you can publish the site’s video player on your blog or website to generate even more money (each time someone watches, of course, means you’re making revenue). The potential profits are high (Plug estimates as much as $960 a month). To receive your money, you’ll need to have earned a minimum of $50. In Their Own Words

“Plug Ad Play is the advertising provider for all video producers, video artists, video maker, comedians, musicians, directors, and every one who can to shoot a video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Plug Ad Play gives video producers a relatively easy way to rake in the cash. If what the site claims is true, simply submitting your video to Youtube et al could earn you quite a sum. Plus, we all know that people watch videos, even silly ones, so there’s really no risk.

Some Questions About

Can video producers choose what sort of advertising gets inserted into their video? Do people really make much money from this? Is the fifty dollar retrieval minimum too high?