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Plinkme.comIn case you or someone you know is suffering from a medical condition, and you want to know more about it, its symptoms and treatments, might be an interesting site for you to keep in mind. 6 Abib is an online publication where you will find tons of articles with updated and trusted, medical and health information.

By visiting you can read the latest medical and health news, check a list of recently posted articles, and access the site’s discussion forums and blogs. Besides, this site has an archive of articles on cosmetic surgery, women health, nutrition and other topics, as well as a dictionary of medical terms, information to understand medical laboratory’s analysis and much more.

Would you like to understand your medical laboratory’s analysis by yourself? Are you looking for the latest news on medicine and health? In that case, might be worth a visit. In Their Own Words

“Plinkme was developed to provide bloggers, article writers and content republishers with a means to easily and very quickly add a photo to their content to make it more visually appealing – simply by copying and pasting some JavaScript into their page. Plinkme is also a service for photographers to showcase their work, get them exposure and generate links to their site.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Plinkme is a perfect marriage between publishers and photographers; bloggers get readily available photos, that are quite good, without having to go through the hassle of uploading etc; photographers meanwhile, get their work displayed all over the web, and they receive proper credits too. Plus the site is beautifully designed with tags and categories.

Some Questions About

Will photographers be wary about submitting their work for others to use? Plinkme doesn´t work with MySpace, Hi5, and a host of other networks because they use javascript, despite displaying as Flash— so what good is it really if you can´t use it with your social networks?