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Plerts.comPlerts is a new solution that enables life alerts to be sent out for free, and anywhere an Internet connection or mobile coverage is provided. That is, it does not depend on a landline, and it can be used by those who are always on the go.

This turns it into an instantly accessible platform for virtually any age or income group.

The way it all works is by creating something akin to a safety net of contacts that receive an instant notification if something that has to be dealt with should happen to a loved one. These notifications can be sent both through SMS and email. That is, the service in itself is not only reliant on smart phones. It can actually be employed in other configurations such as e-mail. And a native Facebook application is likewise provided for further convenience along with Twitter-based notifications.

Users are also going to take a liking to the fact that the whole system is a privacy-focused one. That is, unlike other services that are mostly implemented via GPS tracking, Plerts is as service that relies on the user. A notification is only sent when the user does not check in when he should. It doesn’t work the other way around, and nobody is monitoring the user’s location at no time. In Their Own Words

“Plerts’ personal alert service can simultaneously notify your friends and family over email, SMS, Facebook, and/or Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The system is great if only because the privacy of the user is placed at the forefront. That makes it ideal for looking after teenagers, for example.

Some Questions About

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