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PlentyOfTweeps.comPlenty Of Tweeps can be accurately defined as a dating site for Twitterers. Let’s face it, messages that are limited to 140 characters are not necessarily the best framework for knowing others.


They might provide an interesting way for breaking the ice, but that’s it. If you want to take it any further, you either change the platform you are using for communicating among yourselves, or you try a site like this one. It will let you create a detailed biography (complete with photographs), and others can then proceed to “Like It” in order to show you they are interested in knowing you better. You can do the same for others, obviously. And private messages can be sent and received effortlessly.

Moreover, the site will empower you to search for single Twitter users based both on age and location. You can look up singles in the city you are located in or search for users in any city of the world in an equally smooth fashion.

Getting started is also something quite simple, as you can log in using your Twitter credentials and have full access to all of the services and functionalities that were just mentioned. In Their Own Words

“Plenty of Tweeps is the dating site for Twitter users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are hooked on Twitter will find the concept naturally attractive.

Some Questions About

Can you send tweeple direct gifts through the site to show you care?

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