– Celebrating African Culture is a social network dedicated to the African community.

No Matter if you are from the content Africa itself, or African American, Afro Brazilian, if you want to celebrate our African heritage is the site for you. focuses on African culture by featuring information in African events and topics such as fashion and music. functions like other social networks, first you create a profile, where you upload an image of yourself along with including other information. You can record your voice on your profile as well. Once you have created a profile you can search for friends in your town or in other parts of the world. Share your music and videos with other users, vote on each others photos, chat with other users with your web cam, play games with other users, post comments and blogs, get involved in the community. features international video channels which you can explore. is a community that allows members to connect and share their culture and interests. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to, the premier social networking site for Africa. After reviewing other social networking sites such as,, and, we felt the need to provide a community site for Africans where they can come socialize, and be made to feel welcome…

This site was created for the African community by Africans. It is a place where Africans can come to socialize and connect with each other while promoting unity. We want our members to freely enjoy their African pride while preserving the integrity of their heritage. Members can communicate with each other and share life experiences such as family life, social life, religion, and culture/tradition. Our site offers Africans a friendly atmosphere which is not based on tribes, nationalities, religion, language, or economic status. All Africans are welcome and membership will truly be highly valued.

Members will also find a mega database of music which is specific to the African culture. Special attention focuses on the various African Student Associations as well as the hottest African Clubs which span the globe. Once you take a tour of our site (after the beta phase), we feel sure that you will agree it is absolutely the best place on the Internet for Africans to come and socialize. We feel that we have so much more to offer the African population than other international sites simply because we focus our target on Africans.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate with al of the important information listed at the top of the homepage. is available in six different languages including Swahili, which is a great way to get Africans from all over the world involved. It is also great that there is a section that links you directly to the African student organizations. The search tool is useful for users to find new interesting people, along with the groups feature. Being able to record your voice for your profile is a unique feature.

Some Questions About has many group categories such as fashion/style, night life, literature, and more. There are very few groups at, hopefully as the sites population grows, more groups will be added, because groups are a great way for users to meet each other. could use a more attractive interface.’s interface stands out, it is colorful, but it is too busy. could have a more tasteful interface.