One Day At A Time – Boring! This Is Life One Game At A Time

Baseball, tennis, darts, foosball, ping pong, badminton, horse, volleyball…


For the sake of space, I’ll stop there. These were the first games and sports that came to mind that I absolutely love but haven’t played in a very very long time.


Why? I could point to conflicting schedules with friends, moves to different cities, working crazy hours (and not in a startup office loaded with games), but beneath all of these excuses lies one glaring problem – I haven’t had an easy way to connect with someone else to play with.


Couldn’t we all use a little help getting off our butts, remembering to play like we’re kids again?






PlayWith thinks so. This iOS app makes it easy for both friends and strangers to get together – and play.


A handy map displays games going on in your area, so you can find fun activities to participate in easily. PlayWith also makes organizing games incredibly simple. Name your time, place, and game, and shoot it out into the world.


More sophisticated filters allow individuals to find activities that have a more precise fit. Posting skill level for example prevents a racquetball pro and rookie from pairing up and  growing frustrated by incompatible abilities. PlayWith also lets sports lovers find either same sex or mixed games as per individual taste.


Declaring if a game is just for fun or for serious competitors only helps everyone find activities that align with either social of fitness needs, while a tally of how many spaces are open ensures that teams find the right number of players and that no one shows up for a game being the odd man out.






Really though, the driving intention is for PlayWith to be a simple and flexible tool that lets people connect to have fun. The app works equally for organizing recreation on the playground, in front of game consoles, track, football field, wherever. Find people with common interests – yoga, XBOX, soccer, etc. – and get busy doing what you love.


Want to make new friends, race against the clock in front of a roaring crowd like back in the day, sneak in a workout during a lunch break? PlayWith aims to make it fast and easy to play ‘til your heart’s content.


Game On! Let’s go sports enthusiasts, my fellow laptop slugs – who’s up for softball this weekend? Let’s meet on PlayWith. As it often does, my mind skips to a Springsteen tune: “…I hope when I get old I don’t sit around thinking about it, but I probably will.” Oh, no we won’t. Glory days are still ahead of us, friends. Skate over to to learn more or download the app from the App Store.


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