– Something To Do While Waiting

PlayTheWaitingGame.comNo matter what you do, devise or concoct – waiting in line is and will always be a rotund bore. And I am sorry to say that this app won’t change that.

But it’s nice to see people try and come up with a solution of sorts.

Essentially, through the Waiting Game app you can come up with games and surveys that can be played at specific locations only. That is, people who launch the app will be enabled to play games that match their actual geographical location only. These games are actually played for points that can then be redeemed for prizes in real life, and that gives them some additional punch.

When it comes to the actual kind of games that can be created for others to play, these include trivia questions and riddles, while clues for treasure hunts can also be provided through such a system.

Signing up as a developer means you will have to provide your personal and contact details, and also place a marker on a map to showcase where your game is going to take place. You are also requested to choose the location type from options like “Restaurant”, “Movie Theater”, “Hair Saloon” and so on. In Their Own Words

“While they’re waiting… Give them something fun & interactive to do! Create a game to play on their mobile phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

An application like this one will let you engage your waiting customers and make them have an increased appreciation of your business.

Some Questions About

Is this service available in just any country?