– Microblogging for the Long Winded

PlayTalk.netPlayTalk is another microblogging cum social network service inline with Twitter and Jaiku. However, instead of being limited to a mere 140 characters, PlayTalk gives you a more expansive 250—thus you need not limit your post to merely what you ate, you can also throw in a few details about the garnish.

Users can also choose to post photos in addition to text. The service works with mobile phones, iPhones, SMS and MMS. PlayTalk is available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Messages may be tagged according to the content of the post e.g. usual, think, food, culture, sports and games. They may be kept private, for friends only, or available to the public. Posts are dated and time stamped. Networks contribute to the site’s interactive features; there are lounges for different countries, colleges, and highschools. It’s free to sign up. In Their Own Words

“PLAYTALK is a microblog based social network service, limiting posts to 250 characters. This is a great way to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PlayTalk is convenient means of communicating with family, friends, and strangers even. As it apes Twitter, which is becoming increasingly popular, the service could ride along the coattails of its success. It seems already to have a decent number of followers in Asia and the US.

Some Questions About

Will Playtalk be able to compete with Twitter? Social network users are notorious for their lack of stickiness, will PlayTalk be able to convince its users to stay?