– Finding The Right Background Music

PlayListNow.fmThis one is based on an idea which I found so cool that I am surprised nobody thought about it before. I guess that is just the way these things go.

You see, what Playlist Now does is to play music according to what you are doing. That is, on the site you simply input your status and then a matching playlist will be produced and played used the jukebox that is provided.

Need some music for studying algebra? This will do the trick. Need some music in the background while you take care of your garden? No problem. Need some music while you are washing the car on a sultry afternoon? You’ve got it.

As you can see, the site renders a straightforward yet enormously satisfying service. It will effectively let you dispense with hunting the relevant CDs and playing them, or looking up the songs in your MP3 player. As long as you are someplace where an Internet connection is available you will be capable of setting the right backdrop for doing anything with a higher degree of motivation. In Their Own Words

“Every situation needs a playlist.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a perfect way of getting in the best frame of mind for undertaking this or the other task.

Some Questions About

How many songs make up each playlist? Can you set that manually?