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Playground-HQ.comHave you ever seen a project fail because of missing or misunderstood requirements? Playground lets the business people express what they need in a casual, non-imposing way. Designers and developers can give them feedback, and the requirements get clarified in the process.


Everybody has full visibility into the project scope and, yes, also to all the changes made to it. That helps both the client and the vendor to track the project scope and be ready for change.

The main focus of the application is on textual analysis of requirements. When an idea can be better expressed visually, it’s easy to attach a wireframe, screenshot, or any other document that illustrates the idea.

When everybody agrees on what needs to be done, the project leader can plan the implementation. Requirement owners track the progress and are notified when their feature has been implemented. This way, the whole team stays closely connected and has a far better chance of producing exactly what the client wants.

The service is provided to design studios, software vendors, freelancers as well as non-technical business owners who want to have more control over the direction of their projects. In Their Own Words

“Playground is serving both the project owner and the development team. The dev team knows what they should be doing; the owner gets to be ‘in the loop’. Sounds too simple? Playground is simple, but that’s because it’s focused – focused on helping you get the right things done.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Existing requirements management applications are very complex, technical, and unfriendly. They tend to be focused on developers – missing the needs of business people.

In reality, most project teams only use spreadsheets and e-mail to gather and track requirements, which works well at the very beginning but quickly loses any value as requirements change. Soon enough, nobody knows exactly which requirements are still valid, which have been discarded, and which have not been expressed yet but will hit the development team later in the project.

Playground is lightweight, it invites people to put their ideas in, doesn’t force any methodology or process unto them, yet offers powerful tools for organizing the requirements, tracking them over time, and planning and reporting their implementation.

As for the business model, it will support both one-time use, subscription, and on-premise plans, covering the needs of most prospective clients.

Some Questions About

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