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Playd.itAvailable for iPhone and Android, Playd can be defined as the equivalent of Foursquare for people who love playing games. If that’s your true passion, then you could never go wrong with a service such as this one. Playd will let you connect with other gamers who’re keen on the same titles you can’t stop playing, and exchange strategies and tips with them. And (just like Foursquare), the more involved you become then the higher your reputation will go, and the more others will look up to you.

It’s all done by creating an account, selecting your platform and checking-in to these games that you play, just as you would check-in to a venue when using Foursquare. And you’ll be rewarded in a comparable way, too, with points being received for all your activity while you are logged in to

And something that I find interesting (not to mention well-thought-of) is that Playd actually checks that you’re playing these games that you check-in to, so that’s impossible to claim you’re playing the latest title in the “Call Of Duty” series when you are actually watching an episode of “Breaking Bad” on TV. In Their Own Words

Share your gaming experience & earn rewards.

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How many people have already signed up for the service? Which games are they playing more repeatedly?