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Planters.comFind all the information you need about your favorite Planters products, its different varieties of nuts, how should you store them, allergen information, as well as information regarding its history from the starting point and also about the lovely Mr. Peanut.

Learn also about the nutritional potential of each peanut, tips in order to get a healthy lifestyle, and related news. In addition, a peanut gallery is available that includes nutrition quiz, nutty kaleidoscope, etc. At you will also find games that are absolutely free and you don’t need to be registered. Furthermore, by registering you will be able to take advantage of its sweepstakes, in order to win different promotions and to post an eligible score to the high scoreboard. A recipe search engine is available where you can search by keyword or Planters products. The site also allows users to submit ideas related to new products or packaging innovations.