– Plan The Perfect Date is a site dedicated to helping you find a plan for the perfect date.

At you can search for your soul mate or plan a date that will really empress that special someone. Start by choosing where you live, put in your zip code or choose a location from one of the city guides. You can then see if there are any special events going on in your area. You can search for date ideas by choosing from the categories; hobby, entertainment, arts, games or the goody stuff. You can also find great date suggestions by choosing what kind of date you want; romantic, fun, adventurous, night life oriented or just plain fun. There is a section dedicated to local planning, an activity guide, or city guide. is very creative and suggests romantic and uncommon dates such as going to a hookah bar. If you find a date that interests you, you can store it and save it while you look for other dates. If you have had the perfect date, let others know how it went so they can try it out, by posting it on the site. is a great community that helps everyone find the perfect date no matter what their interests are. In Their Own Words

“Whether it’s your first date, blind date, or a romantic idea for that special occasion – our interactive interface will allow you to plan a fun, romantic, or affordable date from over 120 unique date ideas. From a romantic dinnner to the thrill of sky diving, PlanJam provides endless combinations of fun things to do.

If you find a date idea that interests you, drag the icon into the basket below to store it while you continue searching. Once you have finished building the date, you can choose share your date with others, or simply click on the finish planning button to view, map, and/or print your completed date.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a fun interface and is easy to navigate. The site covers many of the necessary aspects of creating a great date, such as giving guides on dining and night life. When planning your date it gives you an estimate of how much time you need and around how much you might need to spend on your date. Going to is a great way to prepare yourself for a date. You can browse through dates created by others or share your perfect date with the world so others can try it out for themselves.

Some Questions About has city guides for cities in California and New York city but obviously there are many people in other cities that could benefit from this site. When will the site expand to include more cities? Adding more media to the site such as videos and more photos would make it more dynamic and fun for the user. A site can never have too much media.