– Build a ribbon around the whole world

planetfesto.orgPlanetfesto is a beautiful site that encourages citizens of the Earth to offer thanks and recognition to the wonder that is Mother Nature. The idea is to build a ribbon of photos that reaches all the way around the world.

The ribbon is made up of 6 inch photos that are accompanied by a message of thanks or a reason to love the Earth, and also a pledge – an action not money- that the person will do to help the Earth and respect her. The website itself is a calming slideshow with soft music and streaming photos with the name and message of the person who has posted. The photos are powerful and show the Earth´s beauty, profundity, creatures, weather and serenity. The messages are personal and heart-felt as shown be the following examples: Ï love this planet because it has beautiful people and creatures- I will recycle more, I love the planet because there are many places to just sit and think- I will pick up trash whenever possible, We live here and it is our home- Turn off lights and don´t let the water run. The messages are thoughful and are displayed along with the person´s name, location and the name of their school, organization or affilitiation. To “make your piece” there are two simple steps. First, list your name and craft your message, tell how to reach you and whether you want to make your piece part of a school, business, or other group. Second, choose a photo from your computer (under 2MB) or choose a photo from the Planetfesto library. Planetfesto also offers a great community with lesson plan ideas, friends and suggestions on how to help. Making your piece is easy and very meaningful- get your group involved and spread the love for our planet. In Their Own Words

“Consider this your promise to the land that raised you. A pledge to the sky above your head, the trees that fill your view, the water that rushes by, the mountains that no one wants to crumble. Consider this your thankyou note for all time. Someone´s gotta do it. Why not you?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The website is beautifully organized and really brings a little sunshine to a rainy day. People will enjoy making their piece and will feel good about sharing it with their family, friends, blog readers, co-workers, and schoolmates. This is an ad-free site (breath of fresh air) that is uncontaminated by the outside world of money and haste.

Some Questions About

Maybe people could add dedications to people they believe made a positive differece on Mother Earth along with their message.