Plan for a Fun Spring and Summer with Canoff, the Flying Disc Game

As winter quickly approaches, it can be helpful to have something fun to look forward to in the spring or summer. Do you know what your outdoor game of choice will be? How about something that’s portable, easy to set up, and fun? Canoff just might do the trick.

Canoff is an outdoor flying disc game designed for two to four players. Each team has a pole with a can resting on top, and the goal is to score points by using a flying disc to knock the opponent’s can to the ground. Two points are earned for hitting the can clean off of the pole. One point is earned for hitting the pole and causing the can to fall off. The first team to reach 10 points wins.

While the game is simple in concept, there are rules that make it trickier than it sounds. For example, if the can falls off but the other team catches it, that team is awarded a point. If you knock your own can off, your team loses a point. A bad throw or a dropped catch results in a penalty, which is decided by the players. Additionally, each player must have one hand behind their back or a drink in one of their hands during gameplay.

Canoff is an outdoor game designed for players of all ages to enjoy. It’s compact for portability, is easy to assemble, and it works in a variety of settings, from a grassy yard to a sandy beach to a stone park.

Each Canoff game comes with one flying disc, two poles, two bases, two can mounts, and one travel bag. While the can mount is designed to fit all can sizes, players will also be able to purchase official Canoff cans.

Travel bag: The travel bag makes it easy to store and transport the game. It’s made of a waterproof fabric and also has drawstrings.

Bases: Bases are 250mm in diameter and provide stable support for the poles on all surfaces.

Mounts: Universal mounts are attached to the tops of the poles. They are designed to fit cans of any size, including bottles and cups.

Poles: Each pole is made of three individual parts that clip together.

Custom disc: The Canoff disc is made from a semi-hard rubber and is designed specifically for short-range gameplay.

Canoff cans: Canoff cans come with a thicker aluminum gauge that helps them withstand more impact and have a longer life than regular cans. Their shape is based on a standard 330ml can. The cans are available separately from the rest of the game kit.

Works with multiple surfaces: Designed to go anywhere outdoors, Canoff works in grass, sand and stone.

Compact kit: The mounts and flying disc fit conveniently into the base for compact storage.

Sound like fun? You can help make Canoff a reality by backing the project on Kickstarter. Visit to learn more.

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