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Plagium.comPlagiarism is sadly something that every person who is into creative writing has to cope with. The thing is, the Internet is so large that actually keeping track of the fate that befalls each piece or article that you have penned on your own would not be possible.

That is where services such as Plagium come into the picture. As its name implies, it is a plagiarism tracker that scours the whole web, or a specific portion of it. For example, you can use it to search only pages written in specific languages.

Using this service could not be simpler – you just paste a string of text and then it the “Track plagiarisms” button that is displayed next to the provided box. You can also paste a whole URL to be tracked. There are no fees of any kind to be paid, and you don’t even have to register or create an account beforehand. Note that when analyzing texts the text itself must have a minimum length for the process to be effective. Other than that, there are no major usage points meriting an explanation. As they say, “Just go and do”. In Their Own Words

“Plagiarism tracker & checker.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As any person engaged in creative processes can tell, keeping track of the way a text goes down is a real concern. This system will let anybody monitor any text and see if something is amiss, and act immediately.

Some Questions About

Are there sites on the web providing related services? What gives this one an edge of its own?