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In it’s simplest form, webmasters and bloggers can make more money by selling their ad inventory to the highest bidder. This could include banner ads and text link ads. However, creativity with ad types is entirely possible as well. Instead of selling the standard ads, people can get creative and sell non-standard ads – product placement in online video, podcast sponsorships, email newsletter sponsorships, advertorials, reviews, ad bundles – anything is possible. Advertisers can find creative, unconven- tional and conventional ways to advertise a business, a website, or a blog. In Their Own Words

“Do you have an audience, either online or offline? Monetize your audience and get paid to place products, sponsorships and ads.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Selling ads by auction achieves “ad price parity”. This means that ads will always sell at the exact rate that the market can bear. For example, if you sell ads on your blog directly, how do you know what rate to charge? Really, all you can do is guess. If your ad price is too high, you won’t make as much because no advertisers will buy. If your ad price is too low, you won’t make as much because you could have charged more. An ad auction achieves “ad price parity” because your ads will always sell at the most profitable amount.

Some Questions About

How good is the quality of the services? Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?

Author : Charly Zaks

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