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Pixorial.comEvery field you can conceive has been radically altered by its encounter with the WWW. One that has particularly felt the effect is that of home-produced media.


Such a market has always been a teeming one, and now that virtually anybody can come up with professional-looking results in a breeze it is fair to say the ones keen on such activities might be getting the best deal of all.

As if things weren’t already swell for them, now they have a new platform for editing home videos. This one has the distinctive advantage of being web-based. In other words: no need to update, no need to configure anything, no need to worry about data being accidentally lost due to a hard disk that crashes.

The uses of such a system are endless. Family movies can be remixed and shared, while those who wish to create keepsakes for special events are also catered for.

As regards the implementation of this system, the company enables users to upload their digital movie files directly to the site or to be sent via snail mail. In the former case, up to 10 GB can be employed for free, whereas the latter service comes at a price which varies according to a plethora of factors like the length of the tape and so forth. In Their Own Words

“Pixorial is a groundbreaking online video service where home movies and people interconnect. Customers can collaborate with others by adding and sharing full resolution home movies in the secure Pixorial service. Customers can edit and remix this online content to create unique, customized video products. The final products retain the full quality and resolution of the master movies regardless of origin.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a solution which caters for users ranging far and wide. And the fact that it is web-based gives this platform added appeal.

Some Questions About

What features are forthcoming?

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