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Pixer.us In Their Own Words

“Need a quick fix for that photo? With Pixer.us you can edit your photos online using only your browser.

Why Pixer.us It Might Be A Killer

Pixer obviates the need to buy photo editing software, and the features are pretty complete. The site couldn´t be simpler to navigate. You can use Pixer when you´re traveling since it´s web-based. Anyone can use it, even the most technologically illiterate.

Some Questions About Pixer.us

Pixer isn´t the only free web-based photo editor out there, how will it compete with other sites and with the more robust photoshop software? There aren´t any ads on the site and it´s free which is a nice plus for users, but how is the site going to make enough money to keep running? Pixer.us