Piwik.org – Open Source Website Analytics

Piwik.orgDo you want to gather more data on the visitors to your website or blog? Do you want to retain the control that is associated with open source projects? If so, then piwik is just the site for you. The application aims to be the open source competitor to Google Analytics, and has a variety of widgets to give the program a run for its money.

In its basic format, there are four different categories- dashboard, visitors, actions, and referrers. Beneath each section are a variety of analytical widgets (that the administrator can delete, add, or create as they see fit) that can be listed in a variety of ways (bar graph, pie charts, simple writing).

Piwik.org In Their Own Words

“piwik is an open source (GPL license) web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords they used, the language they speak… and so much more.”

Why Piwik.org It Might Be A Killer

piwik is informative and free. However, these characteristics could also apply to Google Analytics- the user control (and ability to improve the program) is the main appeal of the site. Beyond that, the program is intuitive and easy to use.

Some Questions About Piwik.org

At the moment, data tables are shown in sets of five. Can the lists be expanded? Piwik.org