Pip.VerisignLabs.com – Personal Identity Portal

Pip.VerisignLabs.comIf you have more than one online identity, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. For those of us who are having an online multiple personality disorder, there is Pip.

verisignlabs.com. This site, will allow you to track all your online identities from one easy-to-manage location. One great feature that has the potential to make the service a winner is the fact that you can sign in to all your accounts using just one username and password. This means that you will have to stop remembering all your different sing in names for each account. Just log into the site and you’re instantly logged into all your other identities. The many security features that are added to the site, make it impossible for anyone else to access your personal information. This is something most other sites don’t offer, and it should draw in users who are worried about their personal data being intercepted.

Pip.VerisignLabs.com In Their Own Words

“Take control of your identity. Manage your online identity without compromising your privacy.”

Why Pip.VerisignLabs.com It Might Be A Killer

People like to keep their privacy. This site lets them do that while managing their social networking accounts. Word should spread quickly about such a great site.

Some Questions About Pip.VerisignLabs.com

Do people really need that much privacy when they’re surfing through social networks? Will there be a paid version of the service that offers more security? Pip.VerisignLabs.com