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PinoyLancer.comDespite the name, you don’t have to be Filipino to use PinoyLancer.PinoyLancer is a newly launched Philippines-based website that was made by Pinoys for Pinoys, but caters to freelancers around the globe.

If you find the tedium of a nine-to-five hard to bear, and like to work on your own time and under your own rules, freelancing is the way to go. PinoyLancer, like Elance or iFreelance, offers freelancers a place to go to find their next gig. So whether you’re a photographer, programmer, developer, or writer, you can search PinoyLancer’s listings to find something that suits your skills. It’s free to join as well as post a listing. Joining lets you message prospective employers/employees. The listings so far, aren’t something to write home about, but then again, it’s in beta. In Their Own Words

“PinoyLancer (PL) is your only gig, project, and freelance hub (BETA). It was meant to bring all outsourced projects out of private mailing lists, private forums, and other sources into one hub. It doesn’t replace them but rather help in sourcing out candidates in one destination.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PinoyLancer is a straightforward app that works if you want to find some freelance work. There’s no bidding or auctioning required, just a message between parties will work. It’s easily navigable as well.

Some Questions About

Why not make it more interactive—include member profiles, forums, etc? Will this appeal to people not in the Philippines? Is the name too limiting? Will it be successful in the Philippines?