You’ll Want On This Bandwagon: Find Friends And Good Times With Pingwheel

The world of online employment and remote work has made it easier than ever before to move to just about anywhere. People love this flexibility, though the freedom has introduced plenty to an enormous challenge – connecting to a new place. It’s especially difficult to make local friends and find people that have common interests.


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It doesn’t matter really if you’re a social butterfly. Schedules complicate finding like-minded people. Locals already have their circle of friends and family, so often aren’t actively looking to connect with more people. Plus, there are a million other logistics to take care of when you move AND meeting people gets pushed down the to-do list until the transplanted individual finally has a free moment and then realizes he/she doesn’t know a soul and begins to question having moved in the first place.


Allow Pingwheel to roll into this picture. Pingwheel is a social platform that helps people meet locals when they move to a new city. It helps them to search for people who share common interests and make new friends. Digital nomads can find all the people who are into the same things anywhere they go, quickly.


How does it work? Here’s how the website describes helping users find common ground: “For every common interest, Pingwheel displays an interactive, color-coded button called a TIC (Thing in Common). There are six TIC groups: work, school, hobbies, interests, background and personal.” The more TICs you add, the better you can find people who share many interests.


If you’re about to move, considering a move – do yourself a favor and use Pingwheel to discover friends before you go. Settling into any new place can be tricky, and it’s a blessing to have people who can show you the ropes, make you feel welcome, enable you to do the things you love to do immediately upon arrival.


No one has solved “the local” problem entirely so far. Even finding the right tools to help you find the right people or activities can take considerable effort. And time – which no one ever has enough of. Maybe just maybe Pingwheel will have the secret sauce that truly allows newcomers to feel instantly like they belong.


It’s free to join and to use Pingwheel, which saves on those expenses that are so easy to rack up when you’re trying to settle into new digs. So, why not give it a spin? In their own words: “…whether you’re in a new city, expanding your social group, or maybe just looking for a gym buddy, we’re the perfect place for you!”


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