Pingometer – Monitor Your Website So You Achieve The Absolute Best Performance

The attention span of the average Internet user – Hey! I’m about to share important information about protecting your business… Yeah, it’s short. Very short.


If your service or website goes down, you’ll lose customers. If a piece of your website doesn’t function properly, you’ll lose customers. Basically, any hiccup and you’re going to lose money.


So, monitoring your website’s uptime and running appropriate checks on functionality should be taken very seriously. You need the kind of help that Pingometer offers.


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Pingometer provides around-the-clock coverage. They make sure your business continues humming along. If something goes awry (multiple checks avoid false positives), you’ll immediately receive smart alerts – emails, texts, phone calls, Twitter DMs, or whatever else you require that allows you to respond as fast as possible.


While plenty of other monitoring services check to see if a page is up or down, Pingometer does much more on your behalf. Transaction monitors perform IFTTT-like checks, following a series of programmed steps for more thorough inspections. This means that you can make sure that buttons are taking customers to appropriate pages, that your shopping cart reflects what customers have added.


With Pingometer, you know that your pages are up AND that everything is working properly.


Your business is much more than your homepage, and so should be your monitoring. Pingometer will find issues – protect against issues – that basic uptime checks would miss. From landing page to checkout, Pingometer is on active watch.


In addition, a RUM monitor (real user monitor) tracks the activity of real users on your site. This means you can know with better accuracy how things feel in the hands of your customers. Here’s just a short list of what Pingometer founder Tyler Scott says you can check: is it fast/slow and on what pages, are certain browsers/operating systems/screen widths (for responsive layouts) more or less performant, and what is the actual clause of slowness on a site (networking (connection), application (back-end code/database), DOM (JavaScript), or page rendering (CSS, images, etc.).


Leave no stone unturned, right? Pingometer gives your business proper scrutiny so that you can maintain optimal performance. Pricing depends on how many websites/ services you want monitored, with plans beginning at $9 per month for five monitors.


Don’t leave anything to chance. For a better gauge of how your online business is really doing at any given moment, turn to


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