– Instant Server Status Notification

Pingability.comIf you have one or more websites, then you will know that there are few things worse than having your site go down. Instead of obsessing and sitting in front of your computer 24-7 just checking to make sure that your sites are up, why not check out a service like Pingability which can monitor all of your sites for you and notify you by email, phone, or SMS when they go down? Pingability can check the status of your site as many times per day as you choose and it can give you detailed reports on your site’s uptime.

Along with taking care of your site, Pingability can also monitor your email server, DNS, FTP, or any port that you specify on a server. There are various pricing options which start with a free trial account, which is co-branded and requires that you place a Pingability link on your site. In Their Own Words

“Do you want a good uptime on your servers? The Pingability service monitors your servers (including web page checks, and email server checks). We can alert you if the server goes down so you can respond rapidly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great service and it is competitively priced. Who wouldn’t prefer automating their site’s monitoring instead of having to physically check that it is always up?

Some Questions About

A quick Google query brought back several pages of similar companies, all offering the same type of service and many for the same or better price. What can they do to distinguish themselves from the competition? Do they have any current enterprise partners who would be willing to include their endorsement right on the website?