PikiWiki.com – Create and Share Web Pages

PikiWiki.comHave you ever noticed how it takes so long to send pictures to someone as an attachment? Ages right? With PikiWiki it is actually easier and quicker to make a web pages and then send people the link to the web page. With PikiWiki, you can also add audio, text, and your friends can also edit and add pics and comments as well.

Perhaps the best feature of the PikiWiki is the drag and drop feature, to add pictures to the web site you are creating, you can either browse through your photos the traditional way, or you can literally drag and drop them right into the website. There is no software to install and the service is free as well, just log on and start making PikiWiki websites.

PikiWiki.com In Their Own Words

“Instantly create and share web pages. Have friends add content. All with drag and drop freedom and ease. Right from your computer. No software to install.”

Why PikiWiki.com It Might Be A Killer

This is an excellent program for sharing pics of vacations or birthdays, and it is so easy to use, utilizing the drag and drop feature, anyone can create a web page in no time. The simplicity of the site will make it accessible to any and everyone who wishes to share their pics and experiences with their friends.

Some Questions About PikiWiki.com

How will this site make money? It is free to sign up and use and there are no advertisers on the site yet. PikiWiki.com