PieHire.com – Webcam Interviews For Recruiters

PieHire.comPieHire is a company that provides recruiters with a very valuable service, namely the ability to let them record questions that are then answered by applicants at the time they deem best. That is, the applicants are sitting through the job questions at the time they feel they are ready, in the setting they find more relaxing.

If they can’t cause a good impression like that then they might as well call it a day.

For its part, recruiters are greatly benefited by the fact that they ca proceed to compare responses side by side, and even authorize colleagues to review the results of interviews. Once that has been done, they will be able to select the best applicants in order to perform a “traditional” office interview.

This service, then, resorts to multimedia to deal with a process that is otherwise time-consuming and expensive. For aspirants, it eliminates the need to travel, and the stress that interviews always have involved. And recruiters get to weigh up responses that are notably more representative of who a candidate truly is.

PieHire.com In Their Own Words

“We provide unrehearsed webcam interviews. You record your own questions and invite applicants to complete the interview.”

Why PieHire.com It Might Be A Killer

It streamlines a process that is both complex and expensive. Using this service, recruiters get to see candidates in their best light, as candidates are freed from the anxiety job interviews have always implied.

Some Questions About PieHire.com

How long can these interviews be? PieHire.com