PicUrls.com – The Latest From the Maker of RedditMedia

PicUrls.comFrom the maker of DigPicz and RedditMedia comes PicUrls, a new Digg-like site which aggregates posts to pictures from many sources. It differs from DigPicz in that not only does it pull content directly from image-hosting sites like Flickr, it also scours stories which link to pictures externally, determining the picture’s source and retrieving the relevant image.

PicUrls aggregates content from nine user-generated sites; Flickr, Digg, Reddit, and del.icio.us, to name a few. Links are displayed with a thumbnail of the photo placed to the left of the link title, so you now exactly what you’re going to be seeing before you visit the page. Like other user-generated content sites with a web 2.0 twist, you can comment on photos and join image discussion forums. PicUrls doesn’t yet offer many image search options, but you can view all of the images pulled from each of the nine content sites.

PicUrls.com In Their Own Words

“As you remember, a few weeks ago I created redditmedia.com and digpicz.com. These sites were fun to make. I love to check them daily and people love them as well!

While I was creating the second site, digpicz, it struck me – why not create a single site similar to popurls which aggregates posts to pictures from many sources?

Let’s get hands on it!”

Why PicUrls.com It Might Be A Killer

As everyone waits in eager anticipation of Digg’s photo section, sites like DigPicz and PicUrls are capitalizing upon what feels like and endless wait for the Digg picture launch. PicUrls is particularly useful, since it expands upon DigPicz image-pulling capabilities and reaches the next level of content searching by tracing stories that link to the same image. This kind of hybrid social image site is truly revolutionary, and I think PicUrls will see a lot of success. I wonder if Digg would be interested in buying it out.

Some Questions About PicUrls.com

PicUrls could expand its search options; right now you can’t really run a search for images, you can only see the top images from each site or a list of all the images from each individual site. It would be extremely useful if you could sort the images by more than just popularity, as well as have a key word or tag search function. PicUrls.com