– Rate Me Then Date Me

Pictures2Rate.comThough sites like Hot or Not may not be the hottest things on the web at the moment, they have spawned their fair share of like minded progeny, among them being Pictures2Rate. What originally began as a photo rating site, has bloomed into a full out social network cum teen dating site.

So there’s the rating side—you can ogle at lots of hotties or not, you decide. If you happen to take a liking to one of your hot picks, you can venture into the dating bit. As with other networks, each member has a profile, there’s live chat, and forums for discussing who’s bringing sexy back or who’s hotter. Interestingly, users can embed any photo from the site to their profile on Myspace et al or their friends’ profiles even. Measures are in place so that no one person may inflate their vote count. In Their Own Words

“ is social dating and rating is a mash up of teen dating site, Hot or Not and social networking rolled into one. The site was first designed primarily as a photo rating site, however as new features have been added to the site it has fast developed into a online teen dating website. (Mainly by accident . . . woops)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site plays right into your vanity. Who doesn’t want to think that they’re hot stuff? Apparently, this UK based site even got the attention of Google. Whatever the case, despite the naysayers, if your site has pretty faces and equally fit bodies, chances are the people will come.

Some Questions About

Sites like this are vanity itself. While some might find it entertaining others will find it off putting. With its attention on hotties, it seems the team at work has neglected the aesthetics of the site’s own UI and design. Also, the about section on the home page is far too long—they could squeeze some more pictures into that space were it not for the text.