Pictte.com – Positive Art Criticism

Pictte.comSomething that I really dislike about a site like Facebook is how much it lends itself to negative criticism. People grow detached there, and they end up make the snidest, most destructive of comments without really thinking about what they are saying. As a result, creative people end up restraining from sharing their own work there. What’s the point in sharing something with those who speak without minding what they are saying, and driven by mere antipathy at that? Better to share everything on a site that is art-related from the very beginning, and where people who interact there are interested only in fostering artistic growth and integrity.

That is the exact definition of Pictte. On this site, artwork can be shared and commented only positively. In order to comment on something, in fact, users must have a set number of points. And these are only won by being positive to begin with, and having commented on what others have uploaded constructively.

Pictte, then, is a community site for artists in which only people who have something really nurturing to say are given the chance to opine on what is being shared. Personally, I find that a really superb concept. It keeps resentful people with too much time on their hands from discouraging those who do really believe in what they are doing. I would love to see a similar site that is focused on creative writing.

Pictte.com In Their Own Words

Hello and welcome to Pictte. We’re an art community built with an emphasis on constructive criticism and artistic growth.

This emphasis comes from our critique system. In order to post a piece of artwork you need the requisite points. Points are earned through critiquing other’s artwork. Users who have a history of writing constructive critiques will earn more points than someone who chooses to do a less than satisfactory job. Posted artwork that does not have critiques will be worth more points when critiqued.

Some Questions About Pictte.com

When are we seeing more community sites like this one becoming available? What would it take for the concept to capture the imagination of people? Pictte.com