PicTranslator – Translate Pictures With Your iPhone

PicTranslatorFotozio is a company that develops iPhone apps, and it has just released its very first product. Named PicTranslator, it gives a certainly useful ability to iPhone users: turning the camera of the device into an instant translator.

That is, once the app has been installed you will be capable of pointing your iPhone to any warning, map or sign and have it translated on the spot. Of course, a service such as this one will be priceless for travelers that have lost their way or are about to do so, as they won’t need to speak a single word in order to get some basic guidance.

As if that wasn’t enough, PicTranslator is also capable of reading the text which is displayed in the picture aloud. In practice, that means if you do need the kind of information that only a person (IE, a local if we stick to the traveling scenario) could give this app will have you duly covered as well.

So far, PicTranslator supports about twenty languages. That is, it can translate into English from any language of a list that includes Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Greek, Polish… That is an excellent start to an app that is set to find a niche of its very own.

PicTranslator In Their Own Words

“iPhone’s First Picture Translator.”

Why PicTranslator It Might Be A Killer

The app is the first of its kind, and that is all the more remarkable if we take into account how useful it can turn out to be.

Some Questions About PicTranslator

When are new languages being added? PicTranslator