– Presentations for Your Flickr Photos

Picsviewr.comPicsviewr is a startup that lets you take your Flickr photos and turn them into visually stimulating presentations. Without having to sign up for an account to use the site, you can just enter your Flickr username into the field and you have a link to your slideshow.

There are seven different options available for you to transform your photo collection. With each of these options, the details as to what each template has to offer are listed. These include how many votes the specific design has received, whether you can check out photos by tags, photosets, or the latest photos, if they can handle the higher hd quality, and more. You can demo the viewers until you have selected the one you enjoy the most, and with that, your Picsviewr direct link to the presentation of your Flickr photos is created. In Their Own Words

“ is provided by Webzardry. We are located in France and created picsviewr because we found Flickr, one of the best photos collection service, was lacking a good way for visualizing the photos. That’s it!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being able to see what each design has to offer before checking them out is a useful tool. All of the possible options are laid out for you to view so that you don’t have to waste time and you know what’s available. Flickr’s great, but this site makes viewing those pictures a lot more fun and stylish.

Some Questions About

How will they be making a profit off of these designs that have been created by other people? Will they add a feature that makes sharing these presentations easier and possibly embeddable, or include designs that do enable embedding?