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PicsOrLinks.comPictures or links? Or how about both? is here to try and sort out a common nag that keeps coming up when one uses the internet on a daily basis.


Basically, what they do is simplify links by creating new links to their site that automatically redirect you to where the original link was intended to go to. For example, you go on a Google search and you end up with a URL that is long enough to circumnavigate the globe a couple of times. Suddenly you decide that the page you landed on is wicked, and you want to share it with some friends on MSN, however the URL is so long that it can’t even be sent on one go at the text box. This is not only annoying buy also greatly dysfunctional. To sort this out, all you have to do is go to where you may input the original URL, and in a matter of seconds you will end up with a pretty and short URL that you may share with everyone.

Picsorlinks also goes one step further in their crusade to link the world by introducing “plicks”. This is the name they have given to pictures that link to other websites. The cool thing is that the guys at picsorlinks will even host it for you so that even if the picture is not already online they can do that for you.

To add some more functionality, they have also enabled groups and albums so that you can share all the pictures you upload with your friends. In Their Own Words

‘Pictures Upload and Image Link at Use our service to upload your pictures and to link to whatever your mind can imagine.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea of reducing the size of the links really makes it a very practical application.

Some Questions About

How will they put up with the increasing amount of traffic as their site gains popularity?

Author : Bill Webb

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