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PicsLikeThat.comIf you’re a blogger, you learn to live with having to spend more time that you can really afford searching for images to embellish your posts with. Because just taking the ones that were used on a post you derived inspiration from is evidently wrong. The right thing to do is to look for images on your own, and keep your fingers crossed it won’t take you an eternity to find them. Well, letting you ensure that finding images will take you seconds and not minutes is precisely what this new service is all about.

Pics Like That is a search engine for images that are similar. By using an algorithm of its very own, Pics Like That can do some serious visual image sorting and gather together all the pics that have any kind of point in common among themselves.

Currently, Pics Like That can look for images on the whole of Fotolia. The service in itself is free, and it can be used by just any person who can handle either English or German (keywords in both languages are allowed). In Their Own Words

Visual image search on Fotolia.

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What about a bookmarklet? Wouldn’t that make for even faster searches?