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PicPlum.comThe timing of a service like PicPlum might seem a bit off at first. But once you start thinking everything over it dawns on you that PicPlum is nowhere as anachronous as you first thought. Because a service that lets people have their online photos printed and delivered to your doorstep (or to your loved ones’) can but seem odd at this very moment in time. Why bothering printing and delivering what can be seen in seconds by any person you give permission to? And the answer is obvious. Because of the very same reason people still write and send letters – to show true affection and attachment. At a time in which everything can be done digitally, taking the trouble to do it the old way around is the ultimate show of lovingkindness.

So, PicPlum’s true appeal is something that can’t really be argued or discussed. And neither is its great implementation. People who use this service can pay as they go along, and whenever they feel they are going to use the service regularly they can subscribe to it, and start paying a monthly fee. Photos are printed using a lightjet printer, and delivered straight to the recipients that one individualizes when uploading or emailing them. Because for the time being, photos have to be uploaded or emailed. As the service stands today, you can’t have them imported over from your Facebook account. But that is obviously on the agenda, and it is what PicPlum needs to take on services like Shutterfly and Snapfishone-to-one.

PicPlum.com In Their Own Words

The Easiest Way to Send Photo Prints. We print your photos and ship them to your friends & family every month.

Some Questions About PicPlum.com

In addition to Facebook, which other social sites will (or even should) be supported? PicPlum.com