PickaPoll.com – Make Image Polls

PickaPoll.comPickaPoll.com is a site where you can make your own image poll and take the polls that are featured on the site.

Making your own poll is simple. Register with the site and create your own user name and make your poll. Once you make your poll, it is featured on the site and users can take it and add comments. You can email your poll to friends so they can participate as well. You can browse through the featured polls on the site by category and you can enlarge the photo as well. Have fun making photo polls that everyone can participate in.

PickaPoll.com In Their Own Words

“To add you own polls you have to be registered. It’s easy and quick, you just need a username, your email and password.”

Why PickaPoll.com It Might Be A Killer

PickaPoll.com has a fun, colorful interface. The site is easy to navigate and have all of the registration links on the homepage. Making a poll is easy and sending it to friends is also easy. You can add comments which are great feedback for other users.

Some Questions About PickaPoll.com

Is there a limit top the number of polls you can make? It seem as though there are only a few options for the multiple choice of the polls. It would be nice if the user could choose the multiple choice outcomes. PickaPoll.com