Piciy.com – Helping You Become Spam Free

Piciy.comPiciy is for starters a URL that no one on Earth knows how to pronounce. Apart from that, it is also a services aimed at letting you reduce the amount of spam you receive from the contact e-mail address you placed on your website.

Here’s how it goes, these days if you place a plain e-mail address on your site for people to contact you then you are mostly doomed to an unprecedented avalanche of unsolicited mail. Sure thing, you may think that there is an easy way to solve this problem which is removing the e-mail address from the site. However that means that people will no longer will be able to contact you. To avoid this conundrum is what piciy.com is designed for.

What you do is quite simple, you give them the e-mail address you want to be contacted through (they promise not to spam), some additional details such as an image to place on the contact form, and the message you want to be displayed at the beginning of the form. This will then generate an e-mail link for people to contact you.

All of the above means that your privacy is fully protected and people can still contact you whenever they want. If you want to find out more, why not pay the site a visit?

Piciy.com In Their Own Words

‘Some people think spam is a small problem. If you have your email listed on your website in a standard format (for example [email protected]) you could be opening your email box up to millions (okay maybe hundreds) of spam emails. But do not fret! We have a easy to use solution.

Just type your details in the section below and then our system will generate an email link for your homepage. This link will open a window above your page with a contact form. Your email is never exposed, and your user does not have to open an email client. It’s win-win if you ask us!’

Why Piciy.com It Might Be A Killer

It helps you get rid of a very common (and frustrating) problem.

Some Questions About Piciy.com

How are they going to market this product? Piciy.com